Nothing or no one will ever expunge her mind with some empty political promises. Not even a rattle political snake or Lengoiboni, one of the respected village’s seer.

The streets have turned her into a savage, an heathen who never believed in existence of Abrahamic religion. A femi-Ninja. She never competed to outdo other sell-outs. But tonight she is not in the business. She is keeping her cubs company. She will be getting away from the town for good, because her life is in danger. But not tomorrow or the following day, everything needs a plan. 

And she has already made the first step. The phone call.
When the morning came she dressed infectiously, fed and freed her cubs and disappears into the streets. The place where she found her confidence at the bus terminus, you’d find her beckoning the travellers to board Maralal Safaris bus due to its speed and non stoppages along the way. People liked her strength and ego as a woman doing something rendered as man’s job. This is how she spends her day just to place the food on the table for her kids. The survival for the fittest. 

 But when the night jogs in, she changes her dress code put onto some fake dreadlocks due to her destituteness and jumps into the streets as a night nurse.
And at that time whenever anyone asks her what she did for a living she’d proudly say that, ” I’m currently working as a prostitute at night and a stout by day.”

That is who Angelina is. A femi Ninja.
Desperation and animosity caressed his heart. He got knocked down by the strokes of impudence. The memories became very active and intense. The revenge caught fire. He must avenge the death of his companion. The mother to be, of his five kids whom got raped to death. And OleLelkulal knew exactly the trap to use, Angelina, the prostitute cum stout.

Angelina is standing at the right place she was asked to, at the centre line of the road, arms akimbo and waving at his excellency to slow down. They knew each other from the Nest Bar and Grill, the pub resting perfectly at the hearts of the bus stage. The day office of Angelina. The man in the scooter is also approaching as was planned. Their collected efforts must bore fruits today.
The mystery of death of the lady to be avenged started when she decided to leave the village for the city even after oleLelkulal, made her a star that glows perfectly in the dark, a dark cloud that carries the waters that the living hunger for, a flower that flourishes perfectly in the mid of the dry grounds of Samburu land. An angel, a queen, a princess, a mistress, a warrior, a lkishami fashion of a woman, a ninja, an heroine and all of this pleasant things that other women wish for/to be, in a poem. She left the village after an argument with her husband.



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