“One sees all sorts of knives on the day an elephant dies.” A Yoruba proverb.


“It is because of hot food that nature gave us two cheeks instead of one.” 
“It is better to get nine now, than perhaps ten later.” A Swahili proverb.
“The load is lighter when two people carry it.” An Akan proverb.
“By crawling, a child learns to stand.” An African proverb. 
“The weight of the head is only felt by its owner.” A Luo proverb.
“Persistence is more effective than charms.” A Tiv proverb.
“A good wife is the one who keeps her husband’s stomach full and his testicles empty.” An African proverb. 
“A man who’s selling eggs in a market should be the last one to start a fight there.” A Dinka proverb. 
“A white man speaks with a forked tongue ” 

A Red Indian saying. 
“A python doesn’t need a rope to tie a person up.”A Turkana Proverb. 
“A fish and bird may fall in love but they cannot build a home together.” An African proverb. 
“A fat sheep does not worry about the drought.” A Somali proverb. 
“Best friends killed each other over a hare’s head.” A Tonga proverb.


“The one who knows the path is the one who has been treading it.” A Shona proverb.


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