Jopri’s Endless Love!


​You are the sunrise that showers my road with radiance. Your sweet voice is the song I dance too every time I hear it. You are the clouds that give me comfort to a hot sunny day. This is a simple text; Chemutai gets from her lover Jopri.

Chemutai is delighted her day has been lighten and brighten up. She smiles at the text as she chuckles and shakes off her leg on ground. “Chemutai kalya ngai rari nea. Kaa milin neh”, (Chemutai what is wrong? you have really smiled and laughed loud what’s funny?) Her sister Cherop asked.

Jopri fell in love with Chemutai when he was in class eight and she was in class four. Chemutai was a hard to get kind of lady; Tough to approach and too serious to talk to. Jopri was always shy but since what he had was driving him nuts, he had…

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