Murdered dreams and destroyed parts.

When I arrived here in Samburu county- Maralal after about five years of “exility”,the first thing to ask is where about of my friends – girlfriends and boyfriends. It’s saddening that some of them are no more (dead) and the amazing part is that others are married with one or two kids- my age mates, you can mistake a younger girl for a mere girl kumbe she’s someone’s wife it’s really bad as in totally. This is past tense, it’s supposed to be education first and not the other way round. Old ideas should not be carried from one generation to the other, we’re in 21st century for chrissake.

I forgot on my way to my county I met some initiates from the neighbouring community of Pokot, they stood the vehicle and begged for money. I thought female initiation was past practices but I was actually astonished on the sight of this girls walking in pain towards the vehicle, you can imagine that pain. It surpasses virginity breaking at far.People have fought for this act to stop but it’s still in practice. How does it feel when your sister or relative is mutilated? Mutilation of women comes with a price, health wise. It should be forfeited from.

In summary all I’m saying is that we should inter these practices abandon them totally.

Early marriages and FGM practices are forgone things, women and gentlemen.


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