Image result for a paint of blank imagination

I’m alone,

Although I have my shadow,

With a red bone marrow,

And a swarm of my flying kings and queens,

But allow me to talk about you;

How much you wake me up,

With a tantalizing croon,

A nice melody to my blocked ears,

And attractive view to my blinded eyes;

A soothing song to my darkened spirit,

I dream of the future with you and me besides,

I’m dreaming of a universe;

Where you can fly to the sun,

And come back with intact wings,

I dream of the depth of the sea;

Where you can swim and come back with unfrozen wings,

But how I wish I was like you,

Pretty radish queen,

To sing praises to my God,

Fly high into the skies and kiss the clouds;

Thanking them;

For the rain and cover from the scorching sun,

To fly to the sun and give her a smile;

For daylight and warmth,

Give a peck to the moon for the moonlitted nights.


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