God created Adam and Eve biblically and not Adam and Steve or neither did God created Adam and Abam

Alimuumbia Adamu Eva ili waoane;

For procreation;

but the world has created stEVE out of Eve And now; Now Men are getting Married to Men and women to women for recreation;

Actually how do you even start?

I’m not judging what you’re?

because circumstances glued you there;

I just can’t figure it out how I can call my fellow man BEB?

And go down into his poo-hole and do what’s meant for a woman;

This is beyond me;

I’m sorry if you’re a victim but I want you to realize how stupid you’re;

What could’ve happened if your dad had “married” a guy instead of your mum?

Or where could you’ve been if you mum had “married” a woman instead of your dad?

How does it feel “f*king” your fellow girl? Yeah it feels high but try and face the reality that you can feel differently with a guy on your top instead of your fellow woman’s fingers or a didlo in your twats;

Man It feels great having that thing inside where it’s supposed instead of a fellow guy poop-hole;

Let’s remain original in our senses because the world is too dynamic;

And we’re changing drastically;

I’ve no ill intentions but if you’re hurt express your feelings;

This is a free world.


And I’m a #FreelancePoet


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