You’re still a thought

Hello son?
I know you’ll be born,
probably when I’m gone;
They’ll come to you saying “Your Daddy was a good man”
Please son don’t let them lie to you;
This life likes no good men;
Meaning if I was good enough I couldn’t be writing this;
To caution you about life;
Good people don’t live long;
Life eliminates them;
You might think I was good but nah!!!
But I’m not asking you to be bad;
Be moderate and belief in God;
And please don’t allow any man to hit on your mum;
Remember I’ll be watching and I’ll not be mum;
I wasn’t bad and drunkard;
or was I good and a bastard;
You’ve brothers outside there;
real bros and sisters;
Don’t be caught in a surprise when they come out asking for your help;
And others asking to help you…
That’s all by now Son.
Your lovely Dad.

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