Change your sails;

To face where you can hear my wails;

Hail Mary full of grace;

Help me find grace;

Where there’s none to embrace;

And in the light of darkness;

Lead me by your brightness;

Because I don’t know where I am?

Or what I am?

I’m just left trotting;

In ambiguities of life;

Questioning whether I’ll soon die?

Or just live, but for what?

Hail Mary mother;

Mother of grace;

Grace to be embraced;

My soul need to be braced;

And my brain braved;

So to be in a position to lace up;

Before I can embrace the grave;

And learn more from inmates;

How to stand strong?

And listen to my verdict;

How to lie the judge?


‘Cause I am a sinner;

Deserving a Satan’s brenner;

Not worth to be God’s son;

Actually being one is earned;

In contrary to the world’s market;

Where everything is cheap;

Just like man’s and Satan relationships;

They’re too cheap;

God forgive I am not worth your love;

I wish I was a dove;

To live my life in the clouds;

At least no one can attest whether they do sin.

Actually do animals sin?

And do they too have a judgment?

If not I wish to be one.




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