If i was here before I was born;
I could have chosen the life to live;
Or where to live;
On the mountainous cliff;
Or in a city;
Full of annuity;
If I was raised a girl;
I couldn’t have allowed to be traded;
Traded with Millis or heads of cattle;
Just for a man;
Or be a boy to be given a bow and an arrow;
And instructed to go off hunting;
No schooling;
Starting being a gentleman;
But it couldn’t have made any difference;
The universe controls minds;
It’s dynamic you can be left panting behind;
And, before you catch a brisk;
We’re digitized;
You start from crutches;
And before you get it;
Tech changes and you’re left at zero;
That’s the world I dwell in;
It’s called Earth;
But if I could’ve been born after I have surveyed the future;
I could have setted my mind to the dynamicity;
Of the world of no duplicity;
Feel relaxed and wait for tech and human to have amity.

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