I am a masterpiece of His likeness;

A game of dice to his Highness;

If I was a David;

I could have played an harp;

And sing Hallelujah;

For the gift of my innocence;

And tranquil nature;

Plus sobriety;

I am Socratic;

A follower of His beatitudes;

A believer not in altitudes;

But an heathen to His non-existence;

I am a masterpiece a prove of his existence;

The life we live in;

The air we breathe in;

The dusk we sleep in and;

The dawn we wake-up in;

I am a masterpiece;

A proof of His creativity;

The only reality of creation;

And less of procreation;

I am not a product of recreation;

My existence was planned;

That’s why trust is earned;

I trust in Him;

His word is my whole day theme;

The boat is still anchored;

Waiting for the heathens;

To believe that they’re forgiven;

I am a masterpiece of His artwork;

He’s the greatest artist;

Take a mirror and confirm the conformity.




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