The life we live in.

Sometimes life is too heavy,

That you can’t weigh it,

What you just have to do is be light,

And let it crush you,

Not because you can’t be strong,

But due to the fact that you can’t resist it,

The lack;

The heart breaks;

The loss;

The unexpectancies;

You can’t live life to the fullest;

Before it chops you into fillets;

But the secret;

Is to try and give it a smile;

A million dollar smile;

Because there’s a force from someone;

Somewhere within your heart;

Which keeps your clock ticking;

And your emotions changing;

And due to a good upbringing;

You keep on hard working;

With a mindset to one bourne;

A successful life;

Full of the lack of the above;




That’s everyone’s life dream,

In the life we live in.


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