Why I do?


I remember that night,
the night was so bright,
at a lonely village called Marti,
We were holding hands,
Playing with peers in rounds,
Before they came.
The blast came from our fave hill,
then the bullets,
Yes the bullets followed I remember,
we rushed to my home,
Raids were like hide and seek,
But we were tired and sick,
The game of guns was that boring,
We intermingled back at school with no fighting,
Remember the cattle rustlers,
they were all over like cock suckers,
Do you recall of Lekudere?
He was our village sniper,
But,where have tribalism taken us?
What have tribalism helped us with?
Have you ever thought of its remedies?
It has only costed us death of our loved ones,
Mashed up our dreams,
And replaced our missions with total vengeance,
We are not what we wanted to be,
Doctors,Lecturers,Pilots,Lawyers,Engineers….name them,
But soldiers,
Soldiers in war-front,
Just because we were taught to shoot when we were kids

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