Take Me to the Church

Take me to the church,
Take me forth to the altar,
I’m tired of guinness and malta,
The world is a lion’s den,
I retreat thirsty of being born again,
Take me there to regain my brains,
Where people speak in tongues,
I need a remedy to my half burned lungs,
I feel brain washed,
My no future totally bashed,
I ain’t human anymore,
I do know you too no more,
But take me to the priest,
Just tell him I was an atheist,
Forge up tell him I’m a serial sinner,
Tell him everything like; I take blood for dinner,
Talk it out spit it loud,
Make the other party less proud,
Because I’m back to my Hero,
I’m back to gain everything starting from zero,
Tell the cult that I’m saved,
Ask them to come out of enslave,
I will never be back; Tell them,
Tell them,tell them is the only anthem.

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