Check out Mark Zuckerberg’s believe of Brain book instead of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Vision of ‘Facebook Telepathy’:


It will be a craziest idea and again awesome just imagine you chatting, giving likes to what your friends say or post bra inwardly, It will be great but will it have any demerits? check out this space for the next article.
Could Facebook one day be  a Brain book? check out why? Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent Q&A that he predicts people will send thoughts and experiences to each other as easily as people text and email today. However, this fanciful idea of brain-to-brain communication is still a long ways off, neuroscientists say.

On Tuesday (June 30), in response to a question about the future of Facebook during an online Q&A with users, CEO Zuckerberg replied: “One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology. You’ll just be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too if you’d like. This would be the ultimate communication technology.”

Zuckerberg continued, “We used to just share in text, and now we post mainly with photos. In the future video will be even more important than photos. After that, immersive experiences like VR [virtual reality] will become the norm. And after that, we’ll have the power to share our full sensory and emotional experience with people whenever we’d like.”

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