Check out the unified couple Zari and Diamond Platinums


Zari and Diamond are just perfect and in fact, if Zari never wasted time with sleepy Ivan and collaborated with Platnumz on the very first day, I swear these two would be the biggest bundle in Africa.

Imagine your girlfriend knocking the neighbor to borrow shoes for you the husband… it means she really loves you < the husband> unconditionally (regardless of your poor state) and that’s exactly what Zari did.

Zari sank the pride and went to mr money aka Katsha to borrow on his new Lambo so that the boyfriendwould floss in it during the video shoot… I mean that’s not just being free. I call that real love

Imagine if it was Huddah or any other spikey bitch!! That would have meant divorce.

After acquiring the borrowed car, diamond hit instagram and posted a message which to those who studded from Green-valley school , it interpreted opposite

Thanks alot baby it’s Finaly Here @zarithebosslady” is the statement that many misinterpreted.  Diamond was actually thanking Zari for borrowing for him the Lambo and telling her that Katsha had done just as she said but to many, it seemed like he was thanking Zari for buying him a new car…

For more info click;—-Diamond——–Just-For-the-Love.html

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