What Shaniqua My fav Actor says about her woman?

The last thing you can ever think is having my woman – Ktn actor, Shaniqua and Larry madowo Courtesy Don’t joke around with popular ‘actress’ Kelvin Mwangi aka socialite Shaniqua’s girlfriend or you will be risking your life. Over a breakfast chat with Pulse this week, the rib cracker, who is known for his role in KTN’s Jameni drama show, joked: “The last thing you can ever think is having my woman. In fact, if I catch you with her, I will kill you after which I will kill myself,” he said. “It does not matter whether I find you in the sitting room or bedroom. I just cannot stand that,” he warned. The actor has made a name for himself by playing a cross-gender role that has had some wondering if he is straight, a matter he has clarified before saying that he is simply a good actor who can perfectly satirise a socialite’s role.
Read more at: http://www.sde.co.ke/pulse/article/2000166207/the-last-thing-you-can-ever-think-is-having-my-woman-ktn-actor-shaniqwastdslwlcdovetaniv                                                 . Actor Shaniqua and TV personality Larry Madowo selfie moment.

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