My Journey to My Prince

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Chasing Life and Finding Dreams

My journey started when I was just a girl,
Imagining a love that could make my head swirl.

My prince would save me from the life of mine.
He would make me happy as our lives intertwine.

He would romance me daily, making me smile.
His words and actions always graced in style.

He would never be mad and make me cry.
And never oh never, would he ever lie.

This dream prince of mine was perfect as can be.
But when I grew up, it became clear to see…

That if I wanted perfection, a life of enchantment,
I was only setting myself up for a lot of resentment.

For no prince can hold the keys to my life.
He can’t fill my voids just by calling me wife.

He can’t be the keeper of all of my delight
For that is an expectation that isn’t quite right.


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