Ends Of Unhappiness

If only I had bandages in my pitched hut,
I could’ve nursed my sore broken heart,
Just because you left us in mash with no sign of goodbye.If only I had seen the death taking your last breath,
Then I could have stabbed it to death.

Grandama,I get drowned in tears,
Whenever I visit your new home,
And it pains me alot,
When I’m just sitted next to you lamenting but I can’t hear you say.

Mama, If it was your wish to be married to death,
Then I could’ve complained at the altar and stop the wedding.

I miss your scary stories,
Your becoming a nun come adulthood.
Whenever I remember the bond between us,
The way we used to make pranks and jokes,
Smoking chicha until we both choke,
Hiding behind the black oak during attacks,
Until we were dashed out by tear gas smoke.

Grandma I just feel dismayed,
Life is becoming suffocating,
I don’t have a shoulder to lie on,
Papa got fare and followed you,
Leaving my eyes full of daily tears to brim,
Especially when I’m sitted next to you, talking, but you’re just staring at means with no say.

If you still have a heart just ghost out,I wanna see you say goodbye.

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