What NOT to Do When You Meet Your Girl Crush IRL

‘Crushers’ check this out.

LT in the City

Just like boy crushes, there are different levels to girl crushes as well.

Dream Boy Crush: Justin Timberlake

Attainable Boy Crush: Your friendly neighborhood barista

Dream Girl Crush: Beyoncé

Attainable Girl Crush: Your favorite fitness instructor

You get the point.

So what’s a girl to do when she unexpectedly finds herself face-to-face with her #WCW?

Well, whatever you do, DON’T do what I did when I met two of my favorite blogger ladies IRL…both times in public restrooms.

1. Don’t forget to introduce yourself. I totally fan-girled and stammered over myself when I met Chicago bloggers Luvvie and Afrobella. Much like you should always have a 30-second elevator pitch ready to go, try following this script when confronted with your girl-crush: “Hi [insert girl crush’s name here], it’s so nice to meet you. My name is _____ and I’m a huge fan of your work!” The conversation will flow…

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