April is on it’s way coming,It is already all over the world since it originated from Europe in sixteenth century.According to my implicit reading of history New Year’s Day was being celebrated on April 1st.Then a new calendar called Gregorian was introduced. Thereby making January 1st the date of the year,But many never new this thereby resulting to them being teased when they find themselves celebrating the New Year’s Day on April 1st.Here is where the name April Fools’ originated from.

The only month when I can innocently move gaily to the unreachable ends and lie unbelievably on the 1st day of the month.

Some writers suggest that April Fools’ originated because those who celebrated on 1st January made fun of those who celebrated on other dates which is the same thing as I mentioned above.I don’t have an argument since this is the only time I can break the ten commandments by making harmless pranks and jokes to the Priest, other day’s than this then it will be summed up by heavens as a sin equal to Murder.

The only date when anyone can pull his or her guns of fear and use the police hotline number effectively and make a crazy joke that there is an impending danger to that particular station, thereby creating tension in the atmosphere.When this happens then the police officers are termed as Fools.Even though it is there all time duty to stay standby.

This is the day when smart jokers take their time to jot down some sort of pranks and send them as letters asking for help via April fools whereby the recipient, upon reading it, will explain he can only help if he first contacts another person, and sends the victim to this next person with an identical message, with the same result,That person would then ask the victim to take it to someone else, and so on. The letter when finally opened contained the words “send the fool further”.This becomes more interesting race when the fool finds not a clue of what is happening in our calendars.

Fools day is the only day when a real prankster can prank people on a busy corner of the town by sacrificing his or her one dollar by gluing to the floor.Sit nearby and watch as people try to pick it up.

The only moment of the days when I can prank my daddy by resetting all the clocks ahead two hours. When he wakes up he will panic and think he slept late and therefore he’s late for work.

This is a dangerous one which should not be tried in a house full of people prone to heart attacks;

Print out a life-size face (this can be anyone-someone in your family, a monster, a celebrity, your victim, or even yourself). Attach it to the underside of the toilet seat facing up. Now close the lid to the toilet. When your victim lifts the lid, they will get a scare!

 What of a fake head on the bed? it is crazy right?

Enjoy your April Fools’ Day Folks.

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