Second Thoughts


Overcoming Bloglessness

When we moved here, I thought that this would be our forever home, but four years in, I’ve lots of second thoughts.

I could move again. Not back to the city, but someplace new. Someplace wild and beautiful.

It was a big adventure for me, moving from city to country, getting to know a new community, exploring new back roads. Now we’re settled in and I find myself wondering how much we could get for this place and couldn’t we find some other place we like as well? Time is running out for such adventures.

Mr. Raven is not keen on adventures that include selling and moving and all that work, but if somebody were to make an offer he couldn’t refuse, I would be game.

Once the deal was done, I’d have second thoughts. I’d wake up and lament, I love this place! I don’t want to move! Oh…

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