Can’t Quit Now, I’m on a Roll

Chasing Life and Finding Dreams

For years, I was miserable and did nothing about it. I was in a dying marriage and couldn’t get out. It wasn’t that I was incapable of leaving or living on my own, but for some reason, I thought I was. I had married a high school sweet heart so it was the only adult relationship I knew. I thought that I must deserve to live in this misery. I couldn’t possibly find happiness.

I am not here to bash my ex. No, we both made our mistakes and just married too young. As we grew up, we just grew apart. We wanted different things, very different things. But, it was’t until my first deployment when I realized that I deserved more. I sat listening to friends talk about their lives, their marriages, their problems. And it dawned on me, I was allowing this to happen. I wasn’t fighting for…

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