I remember kissing her lips,
I also remember holding her hips,
But now it has turned into being a war,
A battle full of starships,
Turned being a dangerous lore,
A being dangerous than poisonous drips.I will not stay down and mumble,
But go down on my knees and be humble,
Because I am not what she think,
I’m not touchy like a paper to ink,
I only use my keypad less phone,
And draft sweet words like honey to a drone.I perfectly entice her face with outright smiles,
Networking our hearts far apart in miles,
I don’t sleep but I have a rosy bed,
I don’t walk I spend my time in my nursery bed,
Planting my poetry seeds,
And composing a lot of love creeds,

Singing lullabies until she falls asleep,
Crawl into her dreams and kiss her deep,
That’s why I’m a slave to her love poverty,
Reasons of being on my knees minus a rosary,
She has the right to beg me to stay,
I no longer hate her but her habit of foreplay.

But I don’t like when she spats into my stardom,
I only give her clues to mingle in freedom,
As long as she opens no doors to a fight,
Like the first day I met her at night.

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