My Nudity

I strive to build up my name,
I’m the Architect of my own fame,
I carry my own concrete,
I lay the foundation up to weak concrete,
I engineer and design my world,
I’m the only creative in my ward,
I don’t pay for my happiness,
But a dollar for my carelessness,
I’m that hard bolt and nuts,
But a sweet company like, like grounds nuts,
I tarmac my roads with white wash,
This keeps my mistakes easier to wash,
I soak my own myths and misconceptions in poetry,
Convince my readers to feel and hold it like fragile pottery,
I rectify my own wrong answers,
And try to avoid great blunders,
That’s how I build myself,
Keep my haters advice on the shelf,
Because I am my own boss bottler,
And my own self victor and battler,
That’s why I move boasting,
And not clubbing and toasting.

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