If Only I Can

I know maybe I’ll not find the Summer Girl,
Or rather will I drive an hummer,
But I’m sure of holding that hammer,
And nail together the pieces of my broken heart,
Take a feather and use the stains of my bleeding
And write a letter to the Summer Girl,
Asking of her hand in marriage when that age
I don’t want to marry in an hurry or rather do I
need to be like Harry Porter,
But i love to hate reporters, That’s why i want to
write my letter in winter to the Summer Girl,
That she’s a dove I love not because she has
But because she can write poetry and plant the
seeds in nursery,
Make her readers snap their heads right to left,
And pay the haters with love minus debt,
Treating them like blind daters,
With no hate but love letters,
If only I can get you Summer Girl,
I will always remain anti-Dull,
I will take you to my village back in the City,
Show you how we spend our winter,
Introduce you to my pap’s grave who was an hunter,
If only I can get you Summer Girl,
I swear I will drive an hummer,
And drive out the nails from my broken heart,
I love you Summer Girl,
But if only i can get you.

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