Fugitive Of Turmoil.

She’s from the west,
I’m a stray bird from a fairy nest,
A poison to her adamantine life,
Having a craw with a bloody knife,
Having no crown of happiness,
An eagle with poor kindness.She’s a dove and a diver from the city,
But all I own is inveigle diversity,
A lazy clown rich in hardwork,
A crazy man with brains clocked,
I have never been in ghetto,
Grandpa said people there play lotto.

That’s why I don’t wanna go,
Just go and please forgive my ego,
I don’t want to go and play in the city,
I might loose the power of trinity,
Just go your life is fragile,
And I’m only full of futile.

I promise just struggle out,
And let me remain your tout,
I promise if I get out I’ll be your flyer,
That’s my only everytime prayer,
A prayer of a town villager,
And a smart prey snatcher.

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